In the world where Youtube has millions of hours of content uploaded almost every day, how can you get the most views for your video? Let’s face it: we are not spending all this money, or resources for no return. Here is a list of a few videos to consider creating. These can also be filmed on your iPhone.

Promotional Videos

These videos are great to show off your services, production, or why your company even exists. These can draw a sense of trust, loyalty, and information from your audience.

FAQ Videos

On your website you might have s long list of FAQs that your customer might have. These are great to make short 30second little snips of you, or your talent to answer the questions of your potential customers. McDonald’s has done this wonderfully in there new Youtube campaign. Check it out here.

 Informational / Training Videos

In the information / training videos we are talking more about making useful videos that help people solve a problem. So these videos can show how to fix a clogged up toilet (for all you plumbers), what the right software to use in managing these business, how to test the right levels in your pool, and the list can go on. These videos are so effective they can drive traffic to your website, because you are becoming useful. Being useful in the information age can go along way in trust, and ultimately revenue for your business.