Our process is simple we schedule a meeting to go over the brand of the company, the target market for the video, the initial idea for the video, the budget, and any questions you may have for us. Then after the initial meeting during or after we can talk about different concepts, or ideas for the video.

Concept & Ideas








The concept and ideas process really helps the creative juices to flow, and bring ideas down to concrete outlines on paper. We are always open to ideas that our clients have, and we can offer our input if needed. The concept, and idea process will help set the direction, and task needed to accomplish before we head into production.









Our favorite part is brining ideas to life! This is the process where we actually start producing your video. Before the schedule shoot date or dates arrive we will contact the designated point of connection to make sure everything is ready to go before the film date. Then our crew will arrive to film the agreed upon ideas, and concepts outlined in the previous process. After everything has been filmed we take it back to our editing bay to put your video together. Then after we come to a final edit we deliver the video through a downloadable link, or a DVD.