Just a couple of months ago Facebook introduced the option of placing a video on your cover photo. This is a great option for companies to use the cover to their advantage, So let’s go in and show you the 5 ways to use this feature.

1.  Show a new product or service coming out

The great thing about the Facebook cover is that it is at the top of the page. This is a prime spot to show a video of a new product you’r organization is coming out with. This can peek interest of the viewer to investigate the upcoming product. This can also be a great spot to show off your services and what you can offer to the perspective client.

2. Raise Awareness

Video can be an intimate interaction with the viewer.  Many time it’s hard to convey the emotion just through on image. If you are a non-profit this is a great place to show what you do. This can show children in Africa drinking clean water, show a disaster relief program helping out the community, show a Veterinarian saving the lives of abandoned animals. and so on. Also you can place a call to action for people to donate or help inside of video. Check out The Humane Society of the United States Facebook Cover Video for an example. Like they say, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” So that means a video is worth so much more.

3. Animate

Maybe you don’t have footage to place on the Facebook cover, but you still want something moving to catch the eye of the viewer. We recommend animated text, objects, logos, or characters. You can make this as complicated as you want or as simple as you want.  If you are looking for something simple check out the Spark Post App. This allows you to animate photos easily with knowing After Effects or other difficult VFX softwares.

4. Testimonies

The biggest thing in a business is to develop the trust of your clients. What better way to start developing that trust with testimonies from past customers or clients. You can montage different testimonies together to receive different perspective from different people. You can also use just one testimony that defines why you do what you do.

5. Talking Head

The last but not least is to have someone in your company (CEO, Managers, and so on) talk to the camera / person on the other side about the company, why it exists, and how it can help you. This can be effective because this is an intimate conversation. This can make the viewer fell welcomed and allows them to see the personality of the person (which in turn shows them the personality of the company).

The End

With this new add on to Facebook covers this feature can be used to be effective and profitable for organizations. So how are you going to use Facebook Cover Videos?